Finding the Perfect Mate

Finding the right boyfriend or girlfriend can be really hard, but even more difficult can be finding the right roommate. There are a lot of things that people need to consider when selecting who they will be living with since they will be sharing their time and personal space with someone who is not their family. Learning to live with other people is one of the biggest lessons that college teaches people. While it can be extremely fun and smooth going with the right roommate, it can be just as bad and painful if they turn out to be the wrong roommate.
Some people might jump to the conclusion that living with their friends is the best idea. While friends may love being around one another, it is often not a good idea for best friends to also share their living space. College apartments tend to be on the smaller side with a fair amount of people living in them so it is important that everyone at least get along with working relationships. It is often better to have roommates that are not also very close friends because then they can spend time apart from one another when they are out with other friends, yet enjoy spending time together at home from time to time.
Cleanliness is a big factor that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing roommates. While it not be the most appetizing place to visit if all roommates are extremely slovenly, it is important that a neat freak not be thrown into the mix in the interest of everyone’s sanity and happiness. Individuals with relatively similar ideas of cleanliness and order should live together in order to maintain the highest level of peace and civility. Keeping the common areas of college apartments is the most important part of living with other people since those are the shared spaces. People can be as messy as they like in their own room, but the kitchen and living room should get a little extra attention.
As type A as a chore chart might sound, it is a great way to keep the house clean and prevent one person from bearing an unfair amount of the cleaning burden. Having everyone in the apartment do their task once or twice a week can dramatically improve the well being of an apartment and people’s attitudes. College apartments are not known for their cleanliness, but chore chart can keep the peace and make a nicer living environment for students to relax and shake off the stress of the day’s lessons.
Noise and food are lesser issues that should also be taken into consideration when selecting roommates, though these kinds of problems can typically be solved with some conversation and negotiation. If someone has the nasty habit of eating other people’s food, they might not be the ideal roommate, but people should bear in mind that there is always the possibility for change to occur. College apartments can be chaotic at times, but having the right mix of roommates can make for some seriously fun, balanced living.