The Lessons of College Living

Housing is a basic necessity for all people. Having a roof over their head is the main priority for a lot of people, but getting a place to live can be a rather difficult process, especially for youngsters trying it on their own for the first time in college. Finding an apartment is much more complicated than simply choosing a place, applying, and either getting the unit or not. There are certain steps to getting college apartments and students should know what they will be encountering before starting the process of trying to find an apartment.
One of the biggest issues students will encounter is credit checks. Credit checks have a huge impact on the probability of whether or not a person or group of people will get an apartment. Understanding what a credit check is and what the state of a person’s credit history is are very important things for a person to know when attempting to find an apartment. The property managers who are renting out college apartments pay very close attention to what is revealed through credit checks since it directly relates to the probability that the potential renters will actually pay their rent and do so on time.
A credit check looks into a person’s credit history, the amount of money that they have borrowed and repaid. A credit check is used to see if a person has a bad credit score, indicating that they have been late on payments, have declared bankruptcy at some point, have debt, or have been foreclosed on. All of these issues would signal to a property manager that perhaps that the applicant would not be a good person to rent an apartment to since they have a history of not making payments on the money that they owe. Most college students will not have a credit history of their own since chances are any credit cards they have had would have been in one of their parent’s names.
Since a credit check will look into the credit history of a parent, it is important for students to know the state of their parents’ credit history. This is also true since many college students will need their parents to co-sign on their lease since a lot of student do not have enough income to qualify on their own for college apartments. Most college students share apartments with roommates so it is also important for roommates to know what kind of credit history their roommate or roommate’s parents have since that directly impacts their chances of getting an apartment.
Searching for the right apartment can be a frustrating experience, but knowing what kind of credit history a person has or their parents’ have can either relieve a bit of stress, or at least help them understand what obstacles they might encounter. Having a little information before embarking on an endeavor is always a smart move. Knowing what might be around the corner can help a person adapt to try and stack things in their favor rather than be held back by certain hiccups.
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