College Apartments Are a Great Alternative to Dorms

The college experience is a rich and diverse one, more so now than ever: college campuses are today more diverse and dynamic than they were during previous generations, thanks to the continued dominance of American universities on the international academic scene and such factors as the increasing admission of minorities as a part of the broader “equal opportunity” philosophy that prevails in today’s modern culture. Many new college kids are psyched about the possibility of living in a college dorm, what with all the comings and goings that such a place represents; an equally good alternative to the dorm living experience, however, comes in the form of college apartments either on or off campus, as the case may be. College apartments tend to provide more amenities for students, thus increasing their degree of comfort, and often can even be had at a lower price than the crammed dorm rooms that most new admissions are expecting to find themselves in.
Reticence to moving off-campus generally arises from the notion that such rentals will put a student at a disadvantage, both from an academic and a social-life perspective. Not so, however, if you simply choose the location appropriately and have the adequate means to overcome the distance factor. In fact, many college campuses are so enormous these days that certain dorms may be even farther from academic buildings than a plethora of quality on- or off-campus college apartments. 
Different college towns may understand the term “college apartments” in different ways: some places it will be taken to mean apartments (either on- or off-campus) that are exclusively available for rental to students, whereas in other places it will be taken to mean apartments (strictly off-campus) that are open to rental for students as well as the general public. Believe it or not, the former scenario can often end up being more expensive for the student than the latter, as the amenities present are usually of a higher caliber and these units tend to be relatively new in general.
What is certain is that college apartments save university students (and/or their parents) thousands of dollars in rent every year! If the student finds a place within proximity of the campus, or otherwise has a car or other means of transportation of their own, then there is hardly a reason to consider this option as being lesser than the dorm room option. 
In addition to saving money on rent, the fact that college apartments tend to have more complete kitchens installed than do most dorm rooms means that students will be able to eat more healthily and at less cost. Whereas the meal plans that most dorm residents use inevitably incur needless costs, with a good deal of the food included in the plan never being eaten, students with their own apartment will be able to plan out their eating schedule more intelligently and put themselves on a tailor-made nutritional budget. That means staying healthier and saving money all at the same time…a sure way to perform well in school!