What to Look For When Selecting College Apartments


College is the time for most teenagers to start living on their own while studying away from home. But to make college life an enriching and enjoyable experience for students, one vital aspect that should be well chosen is their apartments which will serve as their second home. It’s ideal that they take the time to select the right apartment that suits their needs.


There are various resources to use when looking for apartments. Listings are available on the internet and on newspaper classified ads. After narrowing down your list, it would be best to assess your needs and consider several factors like the heating and cooling system, kitchen area, furnishings, the distance to your school and if you want to have a roommate.


The cost of renting an apartment should always be a priority. If you’re only starting college, find out how much budget your parents can afford. If you’re planning to get a part-time job, you may want to share with your parents later on or if you’re already earning enough, you may want to pay on your own. However, you also have another option of applying to special programs or privileges in your college or university to help you with your rent.


Choosing the right neighborhood is vital. Just like when you were getting to know the areas near your chosen college, it’s also best to know the neighborhood you will be living in by visiting the area yourself. Do ask around about the nearest bank, grocery store, movie theaters and other facilities. Ask the landlord about the neighbors whether there are many college students, elderly people and pets.


Proximity to school is also a big factor for many students. This can save you time and money in going to and from your classes everyday. It’s convenient to be living within just walking distance from your school although sometimes, you can’t always have what you want.


Room size is another criteria. Check if the bedroom is big enough for your bed and your things and if the apartment has a kitchen and huge cabinets. If you’re sharing with friends, find out if the space is wide enough or if it has several bedrooms.


Consider also the heating and cooling systems, electricity as well as the water and if they’re included in the monthly rental fee or you have to pay them yourself. Make sure to ask the average monthly costs so you can gauge if you’re going over your energy consumption.


When checking the apartment you have selected, look for signs of pests like insects and rodents in corners and behind furniture and find out if repairs are needed before you move in. You don’t want to live in a place that you’ll spend so much on, would you?


If you have a car, ask the landlord if there is an appropriate parking area and if it’s included in your rent. Be sure that the area is safe.


Finally, ensure that everything’s clearly stated in your lease agreement including the terms and date of payment. Read it carefully before signing it to avoid problems. Remember, you’ll be residing in this apartment for months or even years so it’s important that you look for the best home away from home.