Tips for College Students Moving off Campus


Just as the process of moving to college itself represents a major life milestone in the eyes of the recent high school grad, so does the process of moving off campus for just about any college student (first year or otherwise). That’s because moving into student rentals off campus represents the first time in the student’s life that they will have a place of their own (dorm rooms simply don’t count), and that in turn implies assuming a whole new host of responsibilities which will perdure for the rest of the person’s adult life. The process of moving from dorms to college apartments can be a little trickier than the student (and their family) may at first imagine which is why we’ve put together a few tips to help make the ordeal as painless and expedient as possible.
1) Keep it relatively close to campus! The best student rentals are located close enough to campus to furnish many of the benefits of campus life, but far enough away from campus to avoid the excessive hustle and bustle it entails. Just make sure it’s not too far away, however, as choosing such college apartments could have negative consequences on the student’s social and academic lives.
2) Review the lease agreement and get to know the landlord first! Many college students desperate to end up in off campus student rentals make the regrettable mistake of diving headfirst into a situation they neither understand nor appreciate. In light of this, there are plenty of opportunistic leasers looking to take advantage of the exuberance and naïveté of these students, and they can only be avoided with more than diligent attention to detail. Students should go over lease agreements with a student’s attorney or with their parents—anybody to help them avoid walking into a trap!
3) Choose your roommates wisely! As nice as college apartments or student rentals may be, the overall living experience they provide can only be as positive as the people that share the space with you. Hence, it is a major risk to move into a house or apartment with people you barely know, or with people with whom you have not established a certain set of basic house rules. Be sure to go over what the cleaning and cooking guidelines will be, as well as whether visitors (especially boyfriends/girlfriends) will be allowed to stay overnight.
4) Plan the moving process itself out as much as possible! Though it may seem trivial, the initial moving process itself can really mark the experience to be had in student rentals or college apartments. Don’t try to do everything on your own, but rather round up a cadre of friends with the incentive of free pizza or something of the sort. Make sure to rent a large enough moving van so that the move doesn’t have to be broken down into infinite trips; likewise, don’t bring too much stuff with you, at least not at first. Allow yourself to grown into your new house/apartment, which means keeping it somewhat minimal for starters. Excess clutter and a dearth of storage space will be factors that can quickly sour the off campus living experience, so don’t go down that path if you don’t have to.